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Vendor Programs
It's simple. 

Offering financing for your products to your customers produces more sales. 

FotoFunding Vendor programs guarantee results. 

We will develop a prototype plan and then build on it until the wrinkles are out and the results are in.  Every plan we have is different from the next... understandably so, given the varied needs of our vendor client base.  But one thing is certain: every vendor is seeking any edge which might yield incremental business.  

Our guarantee rests on our promise to perform exactly that task.  We don't require vendor contracts or volume commitments to get started. This keeps us on our toes without permitting complacency.

The Bottom Line:

FotoFunding's Vendor Programs lead to more PO's which ultimately leads to higher sale results and more money coming in the door.

To help you promote certain products because they are new, or to close out an accounting period, we can design, implement and track the results of custom promotional plans.

Our vendors benefit from our expertise:

  • Fast Credit Decisions
  • Wire Transfer of Fundings
  • Simplified Documentation
  • Co-Marketing Programs
  • Telemarketing Campaigns

The Incremental Edge

  • Trade Show Support
  • On-Line Service
  • Private Label Programs
  • In House Credit Decisions
  • Progress Payments with PO

FotoFunding is about more than "competitive rates". 
 Learn more about how we can help your business grow!
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