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Why Lease?

  • 100% Financing:  Leasing gives your company an additional source of capital so you don't have to drain your cash reserves.  Additionally, leasing provides 100% financing with no down payment required. You can also include soft costs such as training, installation and maintenance.
  • Speed-Speed-Speed!  FotoFunding will have your equipment ordered while your bank would still be looking for additional information (were they even to consider your request).
  • Greater Flexibility:  FotoFunding's agreements provide greater structuring flexibility by offering longer terms, differing purchasing options and custom payment plans.
  • No Blanket Liens:  Bank Loans often require blanket liens.  Not true with leasing or financing with us.
  • Equipment pays for itself!  Leasing allows you to match the cost of the equipment with the amount of money it generates each month for your business.
  • Fixed Payments: Unlike bank loans with variable rates, FotoFunding's monthly payments are fixed for the term, allowing more accurate budgeting of your company's cash, regardless of interest rate fluctuations.
  • Leasing can Actually Enhance and Preserve Your Personal Credit Score:  Since we write business leases, payment experiences are not reported to personal credit bureaus.  Financing through a home equity loan or credit cards all reflect on your credit report, potentially lowering your personal credit score.
Cash Flow.    Cash Flow.    Cash Flow.
Get the most value per dollar.
Talk to us about how leasing will strengthen your business.
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